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Marbella Mortgages Success Stories

Mr and Mrs S wanted to retire to South Spain, they had visited Spain many times, but were nervous because of the complexity of dealing in another country and language..

We remortgaged Mr and Mrs S in the UK to raise the deposit to Buy their Villa, once that was done we introduced them to a Suitable Spanish Bank, and helped them throughout the whole process...

They now spend the winters in Spain and return for Summers in the UK,

"We were apprehensive at first, but Mark was highly recommended to us, without him we would not be here, his knowledge skill and patience was remarkable...Thanks"

Mr D, had a small business in Spain, he needed cash to buy another business and a deposit on a new development, all his money was tied up in his Villa, and he had no accounts to show his income...

We managed to find a Spanish Bank, who allowed him to raise upto 60% of the value of his Villa... This was done in 2 weeks..allowing Mr D to complete all his transactions..

"Dealing direct with Spanish Banks can be difficult, Marbella Mortgages were fantastic..."

Other Success Stories

1, In 1998 we met client Mr B, he had one investment property, in Guildford. We arranged a portfolio facility with Mortgage Express, at 1% over Bank of England, now Mr B has over 18 properties worth over £4 milllion.

"Without the advice of Allied Standard, I would not have anywhere near the financial security I have now".

2, In 2003, we advised a Mr A, to refinance his house to buy a 38ft Motor Boat, we raised £200,000 without any proof of income or accounts, the loan was granted on an interest only basis, with no redemption penalties.

"Thanks to Nick at Allied Standard, I now have the boat of my dreams, I will gladly recommend them to anyone".

3, In 2002, Mr B, was in a contract race to buy a dream Flat in a prime location in Bournemouth, we started on the Monday morning, by Tuesday the Flat was valued, we used a bike to rush the forms through, the case was received by the lender on the Thursday, the offer was issued on the Friday, and completed the following Wednesday.

"If someone had told me that I could have bought a flat in 8 working days, I would have laughed... With the help of Allied Standard, I did, It was amazing...I bought the flat of my dreams, at £65,000 below value which is now worth £225,000 more than I paid for... Thanks Nick".

4, In 2004 a client urgently needed to remortgage to buy out an ex-partner, the client had no proof of salary, but needed nearly 90% of the value to complete...

We raised 90% of the value, the case was approved subject to valuation in 2 hours, and no proof was salary was taken, the case completed in less than 3 weeks...

"I was desperate, I never thought that being a house wife, I could get a mortgage, I thought I was going to lose my house and home to my children, Thanks to Allied Standard I now am secure, safe and rebuilding my life!

5, In 2004 Miss G, approached us for advice, Miss G's credit score was very very bad, after suffering from the downturn in Corporate Entertainment after 9/11, she had missed numerous monthly mortgage payments and had several CCJ's..

We remortgaged Miss G, paid off all her debt's and arrears, raised her £20,000 to renovate her house, and gave her £10,000 as a "rainy day fund" in case of any future events, so her cash flow would be protected...

"I cannot thank Allied Standard enough, I was thinking I would lose house, the advise they gave me was friendly, concise and life changing?.My credit score is now getting better, I am hundreds of pounds a month better off, I have a beautiful new kitchen, I have been shopping for the first time in 3 years!!!... The paperwork was minimal and the all done in 3 weeks"..

6, In 1999 Mr H wanted to get into buying property, as an alternative to investing in Stock Market, by 2004 Mr H has over 30 properties with a net worth of over £2million, We have raised 3 different mortgage portfolio's totalling over £5million and secured at 85% lending, all without any proof of income or accounts.

7, Mr G wanted to buy a house, he had no deposit or income, the only asset the family had was his parents, His Parents wanted to help, but were retired and only had a small pension...

We transferred the Parents house, via a trust into the name of Mr G, this allowed us then to remortgage the house, to raise a deposit, for his purchase, We did all this on a self certification basis, with minimal paperwork... Mr G went on to buy his house, whilst his parents are happy they have helped their son get onto the property ladder... His parents have the security of the Trust and a charge..

"Unbelievable, rocket science!!!!, what can I say, everyone said it couldn't be done, I was wasting thousands renting, My parents always wanted to help...Nick was fast friendly, he arranged everything...Awesome...Thanks Nick!!!".

These are just a few of the success stories we have, we have numerous introductions from Solicitors, Accountants, Banks, Insurance Companies, and even the Staff from Lenders and Our Solicitors have asked for our Advice...